Mino Three


Takenaka Shigetora(Leader), Ujiie Bokuzen, Inaba Itetsu


Mino, Oda Army

Light Novel Debut

Volume 2

Anime Debut

No information

The Mino Three are the three highest ranked generals in Mino, consisting of Ando Ise(Takenaka Shigetora) as the leader alongside Ujiie Bokuzen and Inaba Itetsu.


After Saitou Dousan announced he would hand Mino over to Nobuna, the Mino Three, alongside Yoshitatsu and Hanbei Takenaka, effectively rebelled against him and took over Mino. However, due to his niece's ability and his own status as Dousan's former right hand man, Takenaka Shigetora is no longer truly trusted by the others of Mino's court.

Later, seeing Hanbei's reputation and her abilities, as well as how she is now shining under the leadership of Sagara Yoshiharu, the other two members of the Mino Three, Ujiie Bokuzen and Inaba Itetsu, rebel and join Shigetora on Oda's side. The Mino Three are allowed to maintain their power in Mino after it is conquered by Nobuna.

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