This page lists the retainers of Sagara Yoshiharu, commonly called the Sagara Corps by Yoshiharu himself.


The group originally consisted of Yoshiharu and Goemon, however Goemon, being the leader of her own group, added strongly to the group's ranks. Later, the elite strategist, Hanbei, and her Shikigami became affiliated with the group due to her swearing her loyalty to Yoshiharu himself. The actions of Yoshiharu in defeating Imagawa Yoshimoto and later Inabayama Castle also earned him surprising acclaim in the world, making him a recognised leader despite his absense of rank.

After the retreat at Kanegasaki, Yoshiharu gains the undying loyalty of the 150 men who survived with him in the battle and becomes even more infamous for pulling off such a stunt. Nobuna briefly banishes Yoshiharu to Iga during Takeda Shingen's attack and takes the group for her own, however it is revealed that this was an attempt by her to have him bring her retainer Kazumasu Takigawa under control. Though Yoshiharu was not visibly reinstated as the group's leader, he became a major part of Nobuna's final strategy against the Azai-Asakura Alliance and became a Daimyou for his efforts, effectively making the group his official army.

Soon after that, another elite strategist, Kuroda Kanbei, joined the group and they were ordered to secure the loyalty of the lands of Harima. Eventually, while fighting against Ukita Naoie's forces, Yoshiharu was again blessed with the loyalty of Yamanaka Shikanosuke, a powerful warrior. Circombstances eventually stacked against Yoshiharu, forcing him, without any way of contacting Nobuna, saving Hanbei and Kanbei, and winning the battle, to ultimately betray the Yamato Gose, in other words, committing the ultimate treason in order to keep his comrades alive.

At some point, Nene gathered 4 other young girls to Yoshiharu's cause, namely Ishida Sakichi (future Ishida Mitsunari), Otani Norinosuke (future Otani Yoshitsugu), Fukushima Ichimatsu (future Fukushima Masanori, one of Seven Spears of Shizugatake) and Kato Toranosuke (future Kato Kiyomasa, one of Seven Spears of Shizugatake). They are dubbed as "Sagara's kindergarten army" due to all of them being lolis, much to Yoshiharu's both chargin and rejoyce (they are all talented, but young girls).


Yoshiharu does not see himself as the leader of a group of soldier, but as everyone in his group being his friends. His various exploits, including saving his men from meaningless deaths rather than throwing their lives away, or letting them commit heroic sacrifices for his sake, has earned him the respect, love and loyalty of the group's various members.

Amongst the women of the group, most seem to be lolis, much to Yoshiharu's annoyance, since while he does have a harem of sorts like he once dreamed, it's not a harem in his targetted age range, for that matter, most of his underlings for whatever reason appear to be lolicons, a thing which constantly bothers him.

Nene, as Yoshiharu's adopted sister, is honourarily part of the group, Inuchiyo, who has acted with the group more frequently than not, can also be called an honourary member.