Manase Belchior Dousan






Christianity, Oda Clan



Light Novel Debut

Volume 3

Is a famous doctor trained in both Japanese and Nanban medical practices


He is portrayed having a long beard and being fairly youthful in appearance for his old age.


He is a rather shameless Lolicon, noting his youthful appearance comes from the "Miasma" he gains from girls in his profession. He's capable enough as a doctor to even earn Hanbei's trust by default, but he is perverted enough to scare her and anger Yoshiharu.

He is apparently so perverted that he actually taught Matsunaga Danjou Hisahide most of her most "unspeakable" bedroom related techniques, and even she herself seems to think he's a pervert, and even advised her to use the "Miasma" of the men she sleeps with to retain her youth. He converted to Christianity after tending to Louise Frois. Also, he does not trust Danjou, and given what nearly happened to Nobuna when Danjou was acting to save her life, this mistrust is very justified, her poisoning him has also given him a trauma towards her.

All things considered he is a skillful doctor, swapping between that frame of mind and his usual perverted self when necessary. He was wise enough to advise Yoshiharu not to overuse his ability to influence the future with prior knowledge, as he would wear it down by changing the history he knows. Also, he was curious about medicine from Yoshiharu's time, but only a little dishearted to hear that Yoshiharu could unfortunately not help him on that.

He is quite considerate when the situation demands it, he didn't want Nene anywhere near a wounded Nobuna and reassured her when the Oda clan nearly lost her, had no way to fight the enemy at Mount Hiei, couldn't vouch for Mitsuhide and Yoshiharu's conditions, and could not wake Hanbei to aid them due to her own illness.


After tending to the missionary Louise Frois, he converted to Christianity and added "Belchior" to his name. he is also responsible for teaching Danjou most of her most "Unspeakable" bedroom related techniques. He once tried to sleep with Danjou, but she replied by poisoning him with Sulfur Mustard and walking away, stating she hates geezers.


Kyoto ArcEdit

He first appears after Hanbei summoned him to tend to her after the events of the battle with Matsunaga Hisahide.

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